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Two offices to serve your needs!

We invite you to call our expert staff at the office most convenient for you. They will answer your questions and can set up your custom printing needs.  We will ship or deliver your orders to you.

Don't forget to send us your news! We depend on our readers  to send us news, photos and story ideas. So if you have any stories that you think would make a good feature, don't hesitate to call us!

We welcome Letters To The Editor, however, all letters must be signed to be published and we reserve the right to edit any letter or not publish. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff.


Elliott Publishing, Inc.


Camp Point

202 E. State Street

P.O. Box. 200

Camp Point, IL 62320

Phone: (217) 593-6515

Fax: (217) 593-7720

Email: cpjournal@adams.net



103 East Hannibal Street

P.O. Box 198

Liberty, IL 62347

Phone: (217) 645-3033

Fax: (217) 645-3083

Email: libertyb@adams.net


Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Excluding Holidays

Elliott Publishing

Our Staff

Name: Jim Elliott
Title: President
E-Mail: jim@elliott-publishing.com

Name: Marcia Elliott
Title: General Manager
E-Mail: marcia@elliott-publishing.com

Name: Lisa Newell
Title: Advertising- Camp Point Office
E-Mail: Lisa@elliott-publishing.com

Name: LeeAnne Hodges
Title: Advertising- Liberty Office
E-Mail: leeanne@elliott-publishing.com

Name: Gina Maddox
Title: Bookeeping/Accounts Receivable
E-Mail: gina@elliott-publishing.com

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